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The Paleo Revolution - 100th Post @ Four Sides

Almost one year to the day, I started blogging again. I had gone through several different versions of blogs trying to discover myself. There have been so many that I can’t even remember all the addresses and whether the content is still alive on the sites or not. The one before this site, Isolation, is still alive. It is a dormant vegetable of a blog at this point though. Another, Macbethproject awaits me to find some time/energy/inspiration to finish it off. That is a project seven years in the making. Is this the year to finish it? Yet another was located at MSN Live Spaces, but I don’t believe that site exists anymore.

When I went to start this post, I realized that not only was it the one year anniversary of this blog, but this was also the 100th post that I will have written. That seems incredible to me, because I have gone several months without writing a word on this blog a few times now. Like all humans, this blog has survived the upheavals of my own life and continued to roll along to go with the flow.

In my very first post here- actually, it was more like a manifesto than a blog post- Uomo universale: Why a focused blog is dangerous, I wrote about how this blog was not about to have a niche, or even a certain style of writing that would be consistent all the way through. I am fairly confident that I have lived up to those expectations. I tried to develop a few series of posts to be more consistent, but discovered that in order to write a series of posts, you have to do it all at once. The more time between posts the more likely the series is going to get off track. Needless to say, those series get shelved faster than I can get the tupperware back into the cupboards when Kylie pulls it out.

I have struggled to discover the identity of this blog much like I have struggled to discover myself. There are aspects of my self that I know to be keystones (or touch stones, can’t remember the theatrical term now). I do something, and I am instantly relaxed, feeling good about things, and enjoy my time. Those actions help me create an identity for me. The problem comes in prolonging those feelings or being consistent with them to remain yourself forever.

Some of those keystones have been in existence on this blog from the get-go. Writing is going to be an obvious keystone for me. Sharing music is another (primarily through my Tumblr, Above a Sheep Farm). Another has been the paleo diet.

Within the first month of writing, I touched on why Diets are the new social class. After that, I had the epic review of Tim Ferriss’ The 4 Hour Body and even felt inspired enough to start a newsletter about all things Paleo and The 4 Hour Body.

At the beginning of this year, I fell backwards into my old diet issues – drinking Pepsi, eating ice cream, pizza, and the sweet stuff. I felt the weight creep back on because I wasn’t able to get out walking like I had been doing last year (cold weather and rain). When the weather started to warm up here in April, I started to go out on my walks again, but had not switched back to the paleo diet completely. After the mother of my child left me, I was left trying to pick up the pieces.

Apart from ramp up my walks, I started to exercise more regularly with weights following the Spartacus Workout 1.0. It’s a high-intensity workout, similar in fashion to P90X or Insanity! but something I can modify a bit to my own liking. It’s brutal by the end of the workout, but I felt much better. I have also jumped back on board with The Primal Blueprint Diet. Cutting out the white carbs and most of the sugar I was consuming, limiting the number of mochas and ice cream to only once a week, and eating a lot more protein has made me feel ten times better than before. The Primal Blueprint allows me to be strict for 80% of the diet, but have 20% flexibility when it comes to the non-paleo foods.

I regret having left the diet in the past, but am putting more focus on maintaining it now. A big challenge will be my sister’s wedding in August. I am sure I can get through that and build momentum in having a body in the best shape of my life by my birthday in November.

Apart from my own trials and changes, I have been impressed with how quickly the paleo diet revolution is growing. Numerous blogs, online paleo stores, and now there is even a Paleo Magazine. There are more and more resources being made available daily to people looking around the web. I am hopeful that I will be able to participate at some level with this growth by sharing some of my recipes. It is a part of my life, but I will leave it to the other gurus to be the main influencers in this realm.

Another long-winded blog post from me. Not much else has changed in the past year in that regard. I survived my first year of blogging, have 100 posts under my belt now, and am losing inches under my other belt.

Here’s to another year, another 100 posts, and a better body as time marches on.

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