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A Late Night Musing: Music

With a lack of something better to write about, thought I’d just share my thoughts on some new music I’ve been listening to lately. I’m a big fan of Pepsi and they’ve been having a promo with Apple to give away free Itunes with their bottled drinks. You’re odds are 1/3 in winning, so you can really add them up quickly if you drink Pepsi steadily. The past few days, I decide to actually check underneath the cap to see if I won anything, and I did. So I checked more bottles, and won more.

I gathered up all the caps and headed off to the iTunes website to see what I could find. Downloaded the software, loaded it up, then flipped open the latest issue of Esquire to see what they’re recommending to listen. One of the bands they said was up-and-coming was Louis XIV. The other band I decided to check out was Beck, since I knew he had a new album out and I’m a fan of his earlier stuff.

Five Pepsi-iTune caps, five reviews. Here goes:

Beck – “Girl” – from Guero

Starts with this funky little beeping part, before Beck’s voice kicks in with the acoustic guitars and slowly builds up. I like the sound of this song, has all the qualities of a good song. Catchy beat and not too over-bearing (ie the bass isn’t loud, percussion in the background, vocals rule the song). Has your basic song structure of the verse and chorus repeating, etc. Reminds me a lot of his older music – well worth checking out.

Louis XIV – “Hey Teacher” – The Best Little Secrets…

I can’t put my finger on how this track starts off, but it reminds me of another song. I can remember it’s a song off of the HardCoreLogo soundtrack, but I digress. This song instantly puts you into a good mood, however. With the bouncy guitar and hand-clapping, to the falsetto voices contrast with the normal singing voice. Has a touch of The White Stripe’s “Seven Nation Army” thrown in, along with a feeling of Coldplay when it breaks down. I think I could listen to this track on repeat forever and it wouldn’t get old for me.

Beck – “Que’ Onda Guero” – Guero

This song sounds like something off of his Odelay album. Has the same kind of beat to it, the rapping pattern, the trumpets coming in with a strange sound, or the scratching of a record, etc. Kind of a Spanish version of his “Devil Haircut,” I think. I’m sure some people will disagree with me. Not quite the best of what I’ve heard from him, but still quite good.

Beck – “E-Pro” – Guero

Definitely a rock anthem for a new generation. I feel like this song could come on the radio while driving in the car and the teenagers reach over and crank up the volume and start belting out the words. Reminds me of a grungier version of… a song by the Wings/Paul Mc. Also reminds me of some tracks from Limp Bizkit back when he was cool and his “Chocolate Starfish” album came out. Has that same kind of entrancing beat behind it and masculinity that makes you want to mosh around – not that I would know anything about that.

Louis XIV – “All the Little Pieces” – The Best Little…

A very slow ballad song, similar to Coldplay. I’m usually not a major fan of this type of music, but I like the voices “flying” around in my head, followed by the violins and the drums building in the background. A lovely song, but not something I could listen to often, unlike the other song I listed above.

Bonus track:

Feist – “One Evening” – One Evening This was iTunes free track of the week, and I picked it up mainlyl because I wanted to get an idea of how fast/slow the transfer times were for iTunes (fast on my highspeed connection, by the way), and she’s Canadian, like me. That sold me. Anyways, the track is slow, loungy, very hypnotic with the various smooth sounds tossed your way. I love her voice and will have to check out some of her other music sometime. Sounds like a good track to seduce a woman you like and it should be unforgettable because of the song title. Recommended.

I’ll try doing this regularly if anyone does read this and finds it at all helpful.

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