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Ways to Maximize Misery

In order to discover how to make yourself feel better, find out how best to make you absolutely miserable.

7 Ways to Maximize Misery is an excellent video by CGP Grey. Its intentions will be clear once you start to watch. If you’re like me, it will definitely make you pause and think. A few of the ways listed in the video were an echo of my own life, which has me thinking more about my actions and how I’m living life currently.

It’s based upon the book How to Be Miserable: 40 Strategies You Already Use by Randy J. Paterson. After this video, it’s on my wishlist to read next.

Buy it in Canada or USA.

Incidentally, if this is your first time encountering a video from CGP Grey, he’s someone to really spend some time looking into. His videos are almost always interesting, and his podcasts are quite entertaining. Hello Internet is some random topics from the past few weeks that were going around the internet, but sometimes they go into more depth with topics. Their latest episode had a discussion about whether we are living in a virtual simulation. Cortex is more about productivity and workflows, so a bit more geeky, but still very interesting to listen to. Discussions on how to use an iPad for work, making the most out of the tools we use daily, and more.

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