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Sunday Reading - April 15th, 2012

I consider myself to be a fairly well-read man, and I tend to come across some fairly interesting finds each week. I tweet them as I find them, for the most part, but thought I would share some more links for your Sunday reading. They offer more variety than most sites share.

Instagram’s Growth – By now, everyone has heard about Facebook’s billion dollar acquisition of Instagram. Here is a visual representation of their growth – via Alexis Ohanian

Facebook can be terrific, if we use it properly,” Cacioppo continues. “It’s like a car. You can drive it to pick up your friends. Or you can drive alone.” But hasn’t the car increased loneliness? If cars created the suburbs, surely they also created isolation. “That’s because of how we use cars,” Cacioppo replies. “How we use these technologies can lead to more integration, rather than more isolation.

Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?, The Atlantic.

VentureBeat Weekly – A quick rundown of the tech news of the past week, hosted by the lovely Jolie O’Dell, who is also a guest on today’s This Week in Tech

Dual Coverage From the NY Times – Tyler Cowen – Tyler Cowen is one of my favourite authors, and he has a new book coming out, An Economist Gets Lunch: New Rules For Everyday Foodies. The NY Times has two reviews, one in favour, one not so much.

This limitation of options suggests that fashion isn’t the universal form of self-expression that the industry says it is. I can’t help but wonder, expression for whom? When the language of fashion is dichotomized into two distinct gender categories—male and female—where is the space for bodies or styles that don’t fit? After all, languages are plastic. They can be bent, molded, subverted. What would fashion look like if it could shake off the ballasts of gender, sex, and sexuality? What would menswear look like if it could shed its anxieties around masculinity? More importantly, what would I look like?

Come As You Are – Alex Jung, The Morning News.

And finally, a quick interview with Lewish Lapham of Lapham’s Quarterly and formerly of Harper’s Magazine. Interview is part of the Put This On web series, which is highly recommended.

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