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Sunday Morning Rabbithole

Went down a bit of a rabbit hole this morning.

Went down a bit of a rabbithole this morning. Ridgeline is a newsletter by @craigmod about “walking, Japan, literature, and photography.” Japanese culture has always been an interest of mine. Reading about walking there is something more recent after reading Walking the Kiso Road by William Scott Wilson. Ridgeline looks like something I wished I had discovered long ago (meaning December 2018 when it started).

With the latest issue, he introduced me to Monkey Magazine, a magazine about Japanese literature. They’re publishing both digital and hardcopy versions. Looks quite interesting to me and will be added to my shopping cart once the digital version is on sale later this month.

Unrelated to those items is something from @EssHoedlmoser that comes out tomorrow- but! if you’re a member of their Patreon, you can learn about it today! Strange Wonderful Creature

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