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April Media

Quick impressions of media I have watched recently.

Quick impressions of media I have watched recently:

The Batman was very good. It may be my favourite Batman film, tied with The Dark Knight. I like how dark and edgy it is compared to a lot of the Marvel films. I also like how natural the abilities of the characters are. Batman isn't a mutant, just vastly more skilled and stronger with extra tools available. Only complaint would be how long it is.

Slow Horses is a great police-mystery series on Apple+. I easily watched the first three episodes in a row. Great premise for the show with an underground branch of MI5 doing the dirty work. I like all the characters and the storyline so far.

Benjamin Franklin documentary by Ken Burns was very well done, not surprising. Only two episodes so not a huge time commitment. I thought I knew most of his life story, but the documentary shed light on some other things I was not aware of - some famous quips were originated by him, like make haste not waste. I also did not realize how extensive of an inventor he was, nor how much time he spent in Europe compared to the Americas. There is a strong case for Benjamin Franklin being the most famous American throughout the world for a long stretch of time before pop stars like Michael Jackson and Madonna.

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