Bury Yourself — Writing Project

We’re coming up on the end of the year. The Earth gives us an opportunity to wake up earlier and go to sleep earlier. The Earth isn’t getting an operating system upgrade; it’s doing what it has always done. It’s preparing itself for a new year by shaking off the old one. Read More

Naomi Klein – This Changes Everything

Then about three years ago, I started to notice that green energy programs – the strong ones that are needed to lower global emissions fast – were increasingly being challenged under international trade agreements, particularly the World Trade Organization’s rules. Read More

Matt Gemmell – Raw Materials

Everyone has their tales to tell, and the ones that resonate most tend to be the troubling ones… we need to share those experiences. We can perform a kind of exorcism by exposing them to the cold light of day where no deep shadows are cast, and to the hearts and minds of others. Read More

Back to the Future

It’s fascinating to watch the Back to the Future movies now not for their nostalgic depiction of the 1950s or jokey guesses at life in 2015, all hoverboards and flying cars, but as a vital document of the 1980s. After all, next year, we’ll be as far removed from 1985 as the filmmakers were from 1955. The first film especially fixes that time’s preoccupations and possibilities in amber. Read More

34: Discovering the Somatic Markers

It seems strange to me now to think about how I have to unlearn how I lived in my 20’s to really live now.

Turn Up That F’ing Bass! 32 Years Old Today

Last year, I wrote my 33 Unknowables post for my birthday, reflecting on everything I never wanted to really know about. The year before, I was reflecting on my 20’s and my belief that life doesn’t really begin until you’re 30. I was thinking about the quote above since I started last year’s post with it, when the latest Caesura Letter hit my inbox about Somatic Markers: Read More

New Album From Moby – Innocents

Moby announced his new album last week on his blog. It’s a refreshing way to announce an album after witnessing the release announcements from Justin Timberlake, Jay Z, Kanye West and so forth. This is how he starts off the announcement:


so, for the last 18 months i’ve been working on my next album. and now it’s done and i can write this update and post this video to tell you all (or at least what i can remember at 3 a.m sitting in front of my computer) of the relevant details: Read More

Talking About Walking

A walk is exploring surfaces and textures with finger, toe, and – yuck – tongue; standing still and seeing who or what comes by; trying out different forms of locomotion (among them running, marching, high-kicking, galloping, scooting, projectile falling, spinning, and noisy shuffling). It is archaelogy; exploring the bits of discarded candy wrapper; collecting a fistful of pebbles and a twig and a torn corner of a paperback; swishing dirt back and forth along the ground. Read More