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Tomorrow's Modern Boxes - Thom Yorke

Thom Yorke, of RadioHead, has released a new album via BitTorrent. There are four tracks for download that are free, the remainder cost $6.00 to purchase. It’s a creative way to distribute an album and has been downloading nearly 50,000 times already. Likely a better way to get the album out after the debacle that occured with U2’s album release via iTunes.

RadioHead was one of my favourite bands as a teenager. Youth around the world related to their song Creep and requested it so much that they had to pull it from their set lists while on tour. Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes is definitely not the like the sounds from the album Pablo Honey, where Creep came from. It has some dance elements to it, on a very chill level, not up tempo at all.

Listen to the first song before purchasing below.

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