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To People Who Complain About Being Tired Without Kids

If I ever hear you whine about being soooo fatigued from all of your adult socializing and physical activity, I am going to come to your house and _fight you_. But before we fight, can I just ask that you go easy on me? I’m really bagged. In fact, can I take a nap at your house first? And then we’ll get right to fighting as soon as I wake up. Promise. Zzzz.

– Geof Harries

This is by far the biggest adjustment to fatherhood that I still struggle with. It doesn’t matter what I eat, how much/little caffeine I consume, doesn’t matter how busy or relaxing a day I have had with my daughter, by the end of the night I am dead. Deader than dead, more often than not.

I had some preparation for this stage in life by working dance competitions while I was the Technical Director of a theatre. 8 AM to 10 PM, dance music constantly throughout the day. I didn’t have to do much other than babysit to ensure the lights were on and the music was playing. The challenge was keeping your mind awake and not going insane by listening to the same song four times within a few hours (the Ukranian dance competitions were the worst).

Fatherhood is rather similar, except not only are you trying to keep your brain going by keeping track of your needs, but you’re keeping track of a smaller person’s needs, too. Then you add on physically demanding it can be lifting a child up many times in an hour, playing shepherd to your little sheep. On top of that, add screaming and tantrums.

I am going to be thrilled when my daughter is four/five and able to be a little more independent. But, after a long nap, I will probably miss the hustle and bustle of the days I’m going through right now.

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