I enjoy helping people and businesses become better at affordable rates. I have a lot of experience in various areas. Here are a few quick links to my professional sites, and then more information below.


I am an amateur photographer that shoots primarily landscapes and architecture with a Sony a6000 camera. Most of my images are up for sale to use as desktop pictures, prints for at home, or other creations.

I would like to branch out with portrait photography. Are you looking to have new headshots done, or a creative person in Kelowna looking to express themselves in a photoshoot? Let’s talk and see how what ideas we can come up with together.

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I have been writing online for nearly twenty years now. Writing as a blogger for my websites, writing articles for other sites, assisting other writers edit their work, and writing marketing materials as part of my consulting work. I enjoy it and can come up with ideas rather quickly.

Here are some ways I could help you out:

  • refreshing the text on a website
  • creating additional content for a website or blog
  • assisting with resumes, cover letters
  • developing email templates to use personally or with a team

I offer affordable rates and quick turn around.

Website Hosting

Website hosting can be an expensive undertaking with domain registration, website hosting, and then creating the content for the website. I can help you get started with a simple business site or personal blog for your project. I help you:

  • register a domain through Hover (prices depend on the domain name)
  • setup hosting through HostGator, either through a shared account or a new one
  • install WordPress and help you create a full website
  • show you how to use WordPress or manage the site for you

Pricing will be dependent on how complicated of a website you are looking for. I prefer simple, clean looks for the websites. Besides my websites above, check out Panda Forces, a rock band out of Nashville, TN.

Interested in any of the above? Let’s talk.

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