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New Album From Moby - Innocents

Moby announced his new album last week on his blog. It’s a refreshing way to announce an album after witnessing the release announcements from Justin Timberlake, Jay Z, Kanye West and so forth. This is how he starts off the announcement:


so, for the last 18 months i’ve been working on my next album. and now it’s done and i can write this update and post this video to tell you all (or at least what i can remember at 3 a.m sitting in front of my computer) of the relevant details:

Personal and simple. I love it.

Along with the album announcement, he included information about the tour. The “tour” is going to consist of three live shows in L.A. That’s it. As much as I would enjoy seeing Moby live sometime, there is something appealing about having a tour consist of only a few concerts. No mention of ticket prices, but given how socially responsible Moby is, I doubt they will be priced out of this world.

The one song that he released off the album is A Case of Shame. Listening to it reminds me a lot of his previous work, especially some of songs off of the album that first got me hooked on his music, Play.

The vocalist featured on the track is Al Spyx, a Canadian singer based out of London, from the band Cold Specks. She has been described as “doom soul” and has been influenced by the gospel sounds of the Deep South of the United States. She has a haunting, colourful voice that clearly separates her from other vocalists. She’s going to be featured on another track from Moby’s new album, and will likely start showing up on other albums in the future as she becomes more well known.

Moby is working with a lot of other talented singers, including Skylar Grey, Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips, Inyang Bassey, Mark Lanegan of the Screaming Trees and Damien Jurado.

It looks like a fantastic blend of voices and I look forward to listening to this album when it is released in October.


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