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Matt Gemmell - Raw Materials

Everyone has their tales to tell, and the ones that resonate most tend to be the troubling ones… we need to share those experiences. We can perform a kind of exorcism by exposing them to the cold light of day where no deep shadows are cast, and to the hearts and minds of others.

Invariably, we find that the tales are a mirror, reflecting a common thread in the lives of both reader and writer. That’s how the cleansing magic works, and it’s a powerful realisation.

This is from the introduction from Matt Gemmell‘s collection of essays, Raw Materials. He has been one of my favourite writers on the web the past few years, writing about life, work, and technology. He is also one of the main influencers of getting me to write in Markdown and have a static website, instead of publishing on WordPress.

His book is free for a limited time only (as of August 28th), and has a reasonable price of $3.00 normally. I encourage everyone to check it out and discover a new up-and-coming writer.

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