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Late night thoughts

Now that the whisky is sinking into me, a few meandering thoughts.

  • it’s annoying when my ex interjects into the conversation I’m having with my daughter on the phone.
  • it feels good when doing something that you know is the right thing to do, but others have doubts, turns out to be the right thing to do.
  • watching baseball on tv pales in comparison to watching a ballgame live. Doesn’t matter at what level, it’s just better live.
  • I miss being more creative in life rather than dealing with crappy situations. My directing prof at Uni (Kelly Handerek) was right when he warned me about my dream of being a theatre admin would be a life dealing with toilet paper. I’m not a theatre admin, but still dealing with crap. It pays the bills and that’s about it.
  • no matter how hard life feels like right now, no matter the financial burden I feel stressed to deal with, life will go on and will get better.
  • I’m out of whisky after only two drinks. I need to plan my kidless weekends better.

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