Harry Styles

When One Direction first came out, I did my best to avoid listening to them as much as possible. Of course, that was virtually impossible while listening to the radio. I think I succeeded, however, because I couldn’t even name one of the members. So when I first saw Harry Styles perform on Saturday Night Live, and then his first single, I was a bit surprised to discover he was actually a member of One Direction. Read More

Smoke of the Incas

A few months ago, my selection from BespokePost was titled Sanctuary. The main highlight of the box was a Turkish bath towel, that I thought would go well with the other Turkish bath towel I already had. Also included was a three-piece bathroom set made of concrete, which was something I lacked. The final item was something I was undecided about, but has quickly turned into a favourite of mine: palo santo incense sticks. Read More

Kasugai Gardens: Sanctuary of Perception

People travel for different reasons. Some travel for recreation, others to see new sights and meet new people, still others to get away from their jobs and homes, to loosen the festers that bind them to their everyday lives. The problem with modern travel is that we often take our everyday lives with us, in every way that is possible to do so. What kind of clothes will I need? What items can’t I do without? What will I read or watch? How will I stay in touch with family and friends? Should I take my iPod, iPad, iPhone, Nook, Kindle, laptop? Read More

micro blog

Today, most writing instead goes into a small number of centralized social networking sites, where you can’t move your content, advertisements and fake news are everywhere, and if one of these sites fails, your content disappears from the internet. Too many sites have gone away and taken our posts and photos with them. Read More