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38 – Don’t Let Them Use You

I feel like I say this every year: it was an incredibly challenging year for me.

One of the best signs of that being the case was how often I heard the phrase, “Don’t let them use you.” At work and with my daughter, it continued to be brought up by different people. The one common thread was that I was too nice, gave in too easily, and allowed people to walk over me.

Great Conversations as Podcasts

Hearing someone laugh at something you said is a wonderful feeling, and being able to laugh at something they said is even better. That’s where podcasts came into my life. They filled that void of good conversations with the added bonus of laughter.

Media Diet – Summer 2017

Jason Kottke has this series he publishes now and then giving short reviews and recommendations of media he has consumed recently. He calls it his media diet. I think it’s a great idea— keep a rough record of things I have previously watched or read to refer to later on. There are a lot of things that I have watched/read this summer that I’d like to write more about, so consider this a jumping-off point for future idea posts. Read More

Mussolini’s Arctic Airship by Eva Holland

In the Arctic summer, the sun shines even at midnight. So it was bright as the airship Italia approached the geographic North Pole, motoring at 3,000 feet above the endless pack ice. Below the ship, a thick bank of fog obscured the frozen Arctic Ocean, but up here the sky was blue, cloudless. A pair of officers used a sextant and the sun to measure the Italia’s position as they covered the final miles, and when they’d reached 90 degrees north, where the planet’s longitude lines converge at the pole, the helmsman began a slow, lazy circle around their goal. General Umberto Nobile, the airship’s commander, gave the order to dive under the fog, and soon the airmen could see the blank ice, fewer than 500 feet below them. They had made it. Read More