Saying No

1000 no's for every yes

We simplify

We perfect

We start over

Until everything we touch

Enhances each life

It touches.

– Advertisement first shown during Apple Keynote WWDC 2013

In the lead up to me making the change with this website, I was frustrated with a lot of site designs. I tend to do more browsing through my iPhone and iPad than with my MacBook. Media sites full of advertising are incredibly difficult to view on a smaller screen. At first glance, my old design for my site wasn’t too bad. The more I tried to view it on my mobile devices, however, I was getting annoyed with the formatting of the content which appeared to be broken.

I kept thinking about the sites that appealed to me, and also the apps I used on a regular basis. There was nothing fancy about them. It put what I was after upfront and easily accessible without having to browse through clumsy menu structures. My main problem was finding the correct platform to host it on. The second problem was trying to figure out how much I wanted to cut away.

When this was in the back of my mind and I was playing with how to get my content off of my blog, a new app was released that helped push me in the right direction.

Vesper is all about notes, and that’s it. Beautifully designed, the team of Q Branch[1] wanted to design an app that they would use, and then allow others to use it. Dave Wiskus wrote a post about How to Make a Vesper: Design which goes to show how much work actually goes into an app like Vesper.

With that app in my hand, I started to play with the design and functionality of the current site to make it something I would want to view and read first, trusting that people would like my choices with the layout. I only redirected the domain to this platform after I was 100% sold on the layout on my devices. Everything I share on here is something I would like to read or reference again in the future. And the image in the header is something that inspires me. Seeing it makes me want to just write more.

Playing with Vesper and watching the Keynote that showcases iOS 7 is influencing me in other ways, too. The two of them combined make me want to learn how to code for it and start creating more beyond this site and my business blog. It is also making me think more about the book Fuck It. Vesper, iOS 7, and similar applications/sites are all about taking away the unimportant and putting real emphasis on what works and is important; Fuck It is about lessening the impact of our emotional connections on stuff to allow us to focus on the important things.

I am becoming more aware that I should be taking a similar approach to my life. Getting rid of the things that don’t influence me anymore or have a positive influence on my actions, and instead put more focus towards the various muses in the world. Everything that inspires me to do and be more should be placed at the front of my life.

Stop saying Yes so often; start saying more No’s; and make the Yes’s I do say meaningful.

Small steps towards a healthier and more enjoyable life.