My Favourite Apps for iOS 7

Everyone with an iPhone knows that iOS 7 was released on Wednesday to the general public. Joining the release of the operating system came a slew of apps designed for iOS 7 only or apps being re-designed for it. I thought I would share some of my favourites so far. Some I have been using for a long time before hand, some are new. These are mainly for iPhone right now. Perhaps next week I will follow up with some of my favourite apps for iPad.


Begin is a very simple to-do app for people who don’t need power features. When I say simple, I mean dead simple. This is what you can do with the app:

  • create new items
  • mark items as done
  • delete items
  • move items to Tomorrow or Today

That’s it. It’s great for quick lists of items you need to get at a store, or sitting down at the beginning of the day to type out what you want to get done today without fussing with complicated systems. The GTD system may be over-complicated for some people. I tend to keep it simple by writing out tasks on paper and crossing them off through my day. Begin fits in nicely to this system.



Twitterrific has always been a beautiful app to use for Twitter. With the release of iOS 7, it is absolutely stunning to look at. It has a lot of new features with the latest version, such as background updating, tweeting links in the in-app browser, and new services to send links to a read later service. Compared to the other Twitter apps out there, I think you will be pleasantly surprised with how well it integrates with the operating system.

Of course, it also carries a punch with all its functionality, like notifications, multiple accounts, syncing your browsing list for when going between the Mac or iPad versions.



Dispatch is my favourite email app at the moment. The Mail app in iOS 7 is beautiful, but I really prefer using something else that offers a little more. Dispatch supports both Gmail and IMAP accounts, archiving or moving emails, sending items to the Calendar or Reminders, notifications, aliases, snippets of text for emails you send out repeatedly, and more. And, of course, it looks great on iOS 7.

It’s pushed out a lot of the other mail apps I have used in the past and is the only one on my home screen now.



Instapaper is one of those indispensable apps for me. It has been around for years but was sold to a development company which has been able to update it more quickly than Marco Arment ever was. The new design is incredible.

If you haven’t heard of it, Instapaper allows you to pull articles in from the web or other service, strips out all the advertisements and popups, to give you a clean reading experience. It also works for paginated articles, commonly found on the NY Times website, for example. Add articles you discover through the week, then spend a lazy Saturday/Sunday morning catching up on all the interesting stuff you found through the week.

A wonderful reading experience.


Quick Hits

Some other apps to look at that I use frequently: