Growth Through Mistakes

If you think you’ve reached a point where you can create work that never makes you cringe again, then you’re saying that what you do today will be just as good as what you do next month, next year, and in 5 years from now.

Shawn Blanc, Here’s to the Future

Shawn’s post sent a shiver down my spine as I thought about my own process of starting over and finding a new voice. He is right in that we shouldn’t be ashamed of our previous accomplishments, as long as we are growing past them. You see before and after pictures all the time on fitness and motivational blogs, so having the same for the written or spoken word makes sense.

Perhaps he is right and no one will read the archives in the future. Having the roots of the blog available to read is important to the author though, so that they can see all the wonderful changes that have happened over the years.

It is perhaps the best thing about writing publicly: you get to share that growth with everyone else.