For Freelancers - Breaking the Time Barrier

The first thing you think when someone offers to sell you a perfectly decent- looking car for a thousand dollars is that something must be wrong under the hood

When I received the email notifying me that the co-founder of Freshbooks, Mike McDerment, had released a new book for freelancers, I knew I had to take a look. It definitely did not disappoint.

Breaking the Time Barrier is all about setting the price of your work, whether it be consulting services, design work, copy writing, and so forth. It is a short book, taking no more than an hour to read completely, and is an easy read. It is styled as a conversation between Steve, a man starting up a design company, and Karen, a friend of a friend who has agreed to talk to him about the business.

It is one of those books that is invaluable in transforming the way we think about price, beyond the standard hourly rate. Especially pay attention during the section titled, “The seven mutual benefits of exploring value with your clients.”

I definitely think this book is worth reading a few times to get the full value out of it and won’t be leaving my digital library for a long time.