Stable is That Step Backwards Between Successful and Failure.

When I was watching the season premiere of Mad Men, the quote in the title stood out for me, as it did for a lot of reviews I’ve read. It’s been in the back of my mind over the past few days and how it can apply to many facets of life, from at home, at work, relationships, to the smaller areas like working out, your blog, and spiritual health.

To be content with where you are in life is setting yourself up for failure when the unexpected happens. Your job may not be secure forever. Your relationship may fall apart if both parties work to maintain status quo without keeping the love flowing. Your site may stop to flourish if you aren’t writing something a little more challenging for yourself or your readers There are many examples in life.

I’m not in the position to be a self-development writer and push my opinion on what we should be doing to combat the symptom of being stable, nor do I want to. It is something to keep in mind as you sit on your chair to read this and for the rest of the week. How can I be moving forward more than I am sitting still?

Incidentally, my favourite write-ups about the current season of Mad Men are from Grantland: