Pain Pushes Until the Vision Pulls

Pain pushes until the vision pulls.

– Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Lori Painter posted a wonderful video sharing the story of her life, and how painful it was for her five years ago. The message throughout the video resonated with me so much that I needed to share it.

My life has been rather turbelent the past few years, and painful when it reached the low points. Pain is relative to a person’s experiences, and I know my pain could have been much, much worse, but it was still a difficult experience for me to go through then, and now. The past month or so, I have found myself caught up more in what was going on in my life or had gone on than working towards improving my situation. I keep living day to day hoping something would change, but it never will change until I make the changes myself.

Towards the end of the video, Lori talks about how to discover this vision. One of the requirements is to be quiet, to slow down life. I have certainly been doing that this past weekend, keeping to myself while my daughter is away and focusing on doing some writing that I had meant to do a while ago. No grand vision as of yet, though I can sense things are starting to bubble in mind.

If you are looking for a little inspiration, click thru and watch her video. It is only twelve minutes long or so, and she includes the video that helped inspire her vision.

And subscribe to her site, as well. Her messages are always spot on. [Push by Pain Until Pulled by Vision](