One Sip is All it Takes

There is nothing quite like the sound of a ceramic mug when it first touches down on a table, full of steaming, hot liquid.

It is a mental signal to us marking the end of a previous moment and the start of a new one: it is time.

It is a beginning of a time for work, of reflection, of relaxation, or a conversation amongst peers.

Drawing the cup up to our lips is like a comma in our life being written down. A pause to savour the smell of the tea or coffee, to gaze across at our screens or friends and think of what will happen next. A taste of the liquid brings us back to life regardless of whether we were alive before that sip or not. And as we swallow that first sip, another pause happens allowing us to have that universal thought, "This hits the spot."

That first sip is most likely ingrained into us from birth, because I have witnessed my own three year old daughter have those same moments when drinking some warm tea or hot chocolate. There's a sip, a pause, and then a question of "What's that?"

Yes, what is that mysterious liquid that brings so much goodness to our bodies in just one cup? It doesn't matter if you prefer coffee or tea, or apple cider or chocolate milk. Once they are warmed up and put into a cup , they are all made equal. A warm, magical sip causing us to breath again and become whole.

It's the one thing we all look forward to after a cold afternoon of playing in the snow, or a long walk through the mists after a rainfall, or a miserable sleep: a warm drink to snap us back into reality and instantly make us feel a thousand times better from head to toe.

One sip is all it takes.[1].</p>

  1. Fueled by Tonx  ↩