Mentally Exhausted

I’m not particularly stressed, I’m not particularly overwhelmed. I’m not even mad, but for the past week I have just been feeling bored.

–- Ben Brooks, Mentally Fatigued

Unlike Ben, I am feeling quite stressed, but I can definitely relate to his feelings of boredom.

I can never quite pin-down exactly what is happening. I will scan through Twitter, or Facebook, or the RSS feeds and mentally throw my hands up in the air and give up. Very little captures my interest so intently that I want to explore further into a topic and gets me excited to share it with everyone. I almost want to take that drastic measure of nuking everything and starting over. I know better to do that, however, because I know it won't solve my problem.

I am likely to build myself up to the same point in time only to get frustrated again and want to renew myself.

Ben's solution is to take a break. Others take a digital sabbatical.

I could never completely detach myself from the digital world, mainly because my job depends on it. Taking a mental break would be welcomed. This is fitting considering we are in the period of Lent.

With this in mind, I will strive to do a few things over the next month:

  1. Stop reading the Twitter stream, and only interact with it through updates, mentions, direct messages.
  2. Same thing with Facebook. This may be a great break from seeing all the inspriational/funny graphics polluting the internet.
  3. Condense my reading of Google Reader to scanning at the end of the week, not daily, and liberally use "Mark All as Read."
  4. Do more slow reads to fully understand longform pieces and read more outside of my own home.
  5. Write more, in generally.
We will see how well this goes for me. I naturally retreat to reading online when stressed out so it will be a challenge to not pick up the phone to scan Twitter and such.

Who else is participating by giving up something during Lent?