Changing My Workflow

A productive workflow is important to us all, but it is imperative for me considering how precious my free time is during the week. Working on my MacBook has been a bit cumbersome lately due to how warm it is running and the keyboard has been acting up for me,[1] so I have been trying to move my work over to the iPad and adopt the post-PC era. I mentioned a few of the tools I have been using previously, Byword and Grazing.

The final piece to the puzzle has been put in place. Anyone who uses the iPad for typing knows how difficult the keyboard can be. For someone with large hands, the keys can be rather close together which leads to awkward typing movements. I was also having an issue with the autocorrect function that comes with iOS.[2]

With those two issues, I was on the hunt for a good Bluetooth keyboard to use with the iPad. There are quite a few options for keyboards when you scan through Amazon, but the reviews all mentioned minor problems. I was hesistant about purchasing one directly from the site and decided to take a trip to BestBuy to look at the options up close, feel the keyboard if possible, and maybe talk to one of the floor representatives. I went with a list of the more favourable reviews I had read so I wasn’t making a blind purchase, and came back after purchasing the Belkin MyTouch FOLIO + KEYBOARD. I did a full run down of the iPad keyboard for people to read through.

Short story is I couldn’t be happier with the keyboard. It adds a lot of functionality for the iPad, including handy playback controls, copy and paste buttons, and buttons to use for selecting text.[3] So now I have all the pieces of the puzzle in place and am starting to put them to use. Writing on the keyboard is excellent, but I still need to get the text from Byword over to Wordpress. Thankfully, this quite easy to do on the iPad using the keyboard. Here are the steps that I need to take:

  1. Hit the Gear button top-right in Byword, and copy the HTML.
  2.  Switch to the Wordpress app, start a new post.
  3. Paste the HTML using the keyboard hard key.
  4.  Save it as a draft.

I do the final edits on the Wordpress site to enter in all the meta information, a featured image and do the final scheduling for when it should be posted. So far, it is working out well for me. It’s quite a joy to be working on the iPad now instead of using the MacBook, and I enjoy how quiet it is. No fan running, no background processes slowing me down. I am currently looking into purchasing Numbers to do my spreadsheet work on the iPad instead of the laptop now. Time will tell whether I need to tinker further with the setup, but for now, I have my found my peace.

  1. The cursor tends to jump around on me, deleting letters or even whole sections of a paragraph. Highly annoying.  ↩

  2. It may be just me, but I much prefer the Android autocorrect function and it is more accurate, as well.  ↩

  3. Another thing I have not been completely comfortable doing on an iPad, selecting text is far easier on an Android device.  ↩