A New Dawn

Incredibly, it’s been four years since I started writing under the Four Sides name. This is also the seventh or eighth iteration of the site through different themes on Wordpress to different platforms. Each version had a slightly different character to it even though the voice behind it was the same.

Four Sides v7 (or 8) is coming to you from the GitHub platform. Normally used for sharing code, GitHub also allows you to host a blog on it for free using the Jekyll blogging system. It’s taken some time to get the system functioning and modify all the posts so they display properly, but here it is.

One of the main reasons for the shift was how the site looked on mobile. It was horrendous. Not even worth trying to read. I’ve always been a firm supporter of sites that have put an emphasis on readability. The previous version of the site was mainly unreadable and I vowed not to make that mistake again with this one.

The main thing you’ll notice on the site is the font is easy on the eyes. If you look at it on a mobile device, it’s almost better.

I’m about 95% satisfied with what I have now and will finalize things in the coming days. But today, I’m comfortable showing it off and trying to rebuild my readers from the ground up. I’ve been reading several interesting books, changed minor habits and have improved my tech life immensely with getting my iPhone repaired and purchasing a MacBook Pro w/ Retina Display. Definitely some of the better purchases I’ve made in recent history.

I’m looking forward to getting back into the flow of writing and sharing here. As summer nears, it’s time to start things anew and get going again.